Birds of Prey Jagdfalkenhof at Wildlife Reserve Moritzburg

"Golden Eagle, Owls & Co."

Visiting a birds of prey flight show is unquestionably an unforgettable highlight of your visit at the wildlife reserve. Let eagles and falcons silently glide over your heads. Experience the impressive and threatened Steller's Sea Eagle. Be astonished by the skills and adaptability of eagle owls and tawny owls. Get a very close glimpse at tame owls. Learn a lot about the interesting lives of the aforementioned animals, nature conversation and ancient arts of hunting.

The Wildlife Reserve Moritzburg welcomes you to a visit !

Daily shows April until October
11 am – noon "Get close: Golden Eagle, Eagle owl & Co"
12 pm – 3 pm "Giants and Midgets of the Air"
*Mondays closed except for holidays and school holidays.

Shows November, December and March

Saturdays and Sundays 11 am "Get close: Golden Eagle, Eagle owl & Co"

Shows January, February

1.1. 2 pm, during Saxon school holidays daily 11 am: "Get close: Golden Eagle, Eagle owl & Co"

Special visits possible for groups (on request)!

Changes due to weather conditions reserved.  

 Experience majestic birds of prey vividly!