Forest High Rope Course Adventure Park Moritzburg

The forest  high rope course adventure park Moritzburg (north of Dresden) is located in midst of the wildlife reserve Moritzburg.

Our high rope course invites the entire family to discover the wild forest adventurously.
Eight (climbing) tracks are available and differ in the level of difficulty and lead from 1 to 13 m. A special treetop-route enables visitors to experience nature from a bird-view.  
Your climbing, courage and overcoming obstacles will be rewarded by loads of fun!

Opening hours: April - October daily 10 am - 6 pm*
*changes due to unexpected weather condition changes possible

Prices: (include entrance fee to the wildlife reserve)

Valid for 3 hours.

Children  (5 - 8 years):  10,00 Euro
Children (8 - 12 years): 12,00 Euro
Youths (12 - 18 years): 15,00 Euro
Adults 19,00 Euro

(every Monday)

15,00 Euro
Families save 2,00 Euro per person (2 adults and their children with an ages of 5 - 17 years)

School classes (on special request and booking, weekdays)


Kindergarden-groups (from 5 years on):
First and second grade:                            Third until fith grade                               Sixth grade +


                     8,00 Euro
8,00 Euro
9,00 Euro
12,00 Euro

Special prices for groups
(on prelimanry booking )

Savings :  11 persons or more = 10 %

Birthdayspecial: Free entrance for the birthday girl/boy if 6 persons or more go climb