Hiking in Moritzburg and Surroundings

Everyone who wants to explore Moritzburg  surroundings on foot, should take multiple hiking trails in mind. „Friedewald“- forest, one of the largest forest areas in Saxony, offers great conditions. Many trails pass at least one of the thirty ponds called „Himmelsteiche“ („ponds of the sky“), which have been created since the 15th century.
Different parts of the municipality Moritzburg may also be reached walking. „Steinbach“ for instance, where the oldest church of East Saxony can be found, lays in walking distance of three hours. 

At the tourist information office we can provide further details and recommendations on hiking trails. 

Receive a further insight and map of the trail by a click on the name of the trail.
Thematic Circular Trails:
► Auer- Rundweg (Auer Circular Trail)
    (Circular trai;l approx.11km, approx. 4 h)
► Königs- Weg (King's Trail)
    (Circular trail; approx.. 11 km, approx. 4 h)
► Teiche-Weg (Pond Trail)
  (Circular trail; approx. 12 km, approx. 4 h)
► Moritzburg-Lehrpfad (Moritzburg Nature Trail)
    (Circular trail; 10km)
► Friedewald-Weg (Friedewald Trail)
   (approx. 10 km approx. 3,5 h)

► Ortsteil Steinbach- Rundweg (Steinbach Trail)
   (approx.. 10 km, approx. 3 h)


Regional Trails:

► Karl- May-Weg (Karl-May-Trail)
Moritzburg Station -  Radebeul-Ost/Karl-May-Museum  -  Lößnitzgrund  -  Moritzburg:   10km
 ► Yellow Line
Moritzburg-Station  -  Dresden-Hellerau/ tram: 7,8km
Moritzburg-Station  -  Dresden-Wilder Mann/ tram:  8,8km
Moritzburg-Station  -  Radebeul-Ost/ Leipziger Str /tram:  8,4km
 ► Yellow Dot
Moritzburg-Station  -  Bärnsdorf-Station.:  5,0km
Moritzburg-Station -  Radebeul-Ost-Station.:  7,5km
Transregional Trails Crossing Moritzburg :
► Blue Line
Radeburg - Meißen
► Green Line
Weixdorf - Meißen

► Red Line
Königsbrück  -  Niederwartha

►Saxon Jakobsweg (Connection Route)
Königsbrück -Moritzburg - Coswig - Elbe - Grumbach