Port facilities en miniature are located close to the Little Pheasant Castle. But why is there a need for a lighthouse and pier here, in the midst of landlocked country? Only to entertain: This area used to give space for imitations of sea battles in the 18th century including wood frigates constructed exclusively for this purpose. The electoral society enjoyed itself – at dry land or on the water – watching splendidly designed plays and spectacles which nowadays would most-likely be considered cruel.
The historic background of the maritime ensemble dates back to 1770 and the battle at the Dardanelles. In this Turkish strait, formerly known as Hellespont, the Russian fleet of Empress Catherine the Great defeated the Turkish marines. The outcome of this battle was acknowledged everywhere in Europe and only six years later Electress Anna Amalia of Saxony reported her first journey to the Moritzburg Dardanelles.

Because of the strong demand, Saxony's only lighthouse opens for visitors from May to October every Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. While ascending the lighthouse you can learn a lot about the construction and history of the maritime buildings as well as the surroundings.
Entrance Fee: 3 Euro Adults, 1 Euro Children